Networking and sharing session on the diverse opportunities in Myanmar

Networking is one of the most essential aspects whether you are attending or organizing an event. It is an avenue to market your services and your uniqueness to differentiate with your competitors.”

On 20 September 2017, KVE organized a networking and sharing session with business owners at located at Hong Lim Complex. It was an excellent opportunity to network and better understand each unique services and develop partnerships.

An hour-long sharing session entitled “Introduction to the diverse opportunities in the Golden Land, Myanmar” was the first of its series to introduce to the business owners who are keen to find out more about the opportunities that could potentially be explored.

Listed below were some of the key insights from the evening session shared by Kenneth Koh, Managing Director of KVE shared on the following:

  • Overview of Myanmar
  • The 10 prioritized investment sectors that the Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC) recently extended an invitation to local and foreign investors
  • Opportunities for SME to explore in Myanmar
  • How would the Rakhine issues implicates your business

We are looking forward to the next monthly networking session projected to be held on 30 Oct 17 where we will continue to share on our challenges faced of doing business in Myanmar. Keep a lookout when the registration opens.