KVE Research

Expanding your business into Myanmar requires factual insights and assessments before committing huge investments into it. We have a team capable of generating a certain degree of confidence that will assist to oversee the Overseas Market Research aspects.

KVE Research Group

KVE Research Group primarily to provide customized and cost-effective market research and business expansion consultancy services in Singapore and Myanmar. We understand the importance of gaining deep understanding of the targeted markets, the competition, current local market trends, and the start-up requirements to help our global clienteles successfully internationalize their businesses. Therefore, together with our business associates and partners in Myanmar, we gathered fresh perspective and factual insights into the current and future economics assessment, providing holistic and feasible information for key decision making.

Market and Business Feasibility Research

Conducting a market research is an important process before diving straight into business setup…

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Business Entry

At KVE, we manage our client’s risks of expanding in Myanmar, thus providing professional services to assist them setting up their business seamlessly.

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Business Matching

We assist our global clients to make relevant connections through a systematic identification and selection process, maximizing every networking opportunities.

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