Market and Business Feasibility Research

Conducting a market research is an important process before diving straight into business setup. With an effective market research, you will gain invaluable information about your competitors, demographics, current market trends, spending traits of targeted customers, governmental policies and many more that will affect your business.

Our research process is stringent in order to deliver quality and factual insights, thus we are able to assess and provide feasible recommendations for our clients.

our processes

Stage 1
Requirement Gathering

Define specific objectives of the proposed result with client
Determine key timeline and research requirements

Stage 2
Develop Research Plan

Design the discussion guide, research methodology, survey etc.
Develop respondent screener and target potential respondents
Conduct necessary secondary research

Stage 3
Research Execution

Conduct focus group, ideation session, web usability, survey etc.
Progressive updates to clients for keep tracking of progress.

Stage 4
Deliver Actionable Insights

Data analysis that outlines clear conclusions from the gathered data.
Information synthesized in a report.
Offer clear business recommendation strategy.

Stage 5
Present Findings

esults presented in person or teleconference depending on client’s preference.
Conversation communicating clear actionable insights
Hand over report