Import of consumer goods increases

A Myanmar man carries goods at Yangon jetty as a cargo ship loads containers in the background on the Yangon river, Yangon. Photo: Lynn Bo Bo/EPA

Myanmar imported US$1.698 billion worth of consumer goods in the present fiscal year (FY), an increase in value by $135 million than that of the same time last year, according to the Ministry of Commerce, according to state media.

From 1 April through 3 August this year, the public sector imported $14.973 million worth of a wide range of consumer products, which showed a decrease by $58 million from this time last FY. During the period, private importers bought the same goods valued at $1.683 billion, increasing by $193 million against last FY.

Myanmar principally imports luxury products, personal goods, construction materials, chemicals, clothing and accessories, agricultural machinery, raw materials, household goods, food items and electronic devices from neighbouring countries.

Source: Mizzima